Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Tank Crush Videos...

We've done 27 of 'em at this point.  And we're not done yet.

You may have noticed a tank in some of our marketing materials.  That's a working 65-ton Chieftain, and it sits in front of our building from Monday to Friday.  We like watching people look at it as they drive by.  We've also got a tracked troop carrier and two Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

Why?  ...Why not?  These cool old military vehicles serve as our mascots, and you'll see them in our promotional materials.  We have fun with them, driving in parades and setting them up at military vehicle events.  Plus, they keep us on our toes--it's not always easy to find parts for them and they can be, well, 'unpredictable'.

The most fun we have with Amanda, the Chieftain, comes every Friday afternoon when we roll her back into our walled yard with the other military vehicles.  We, uh, stick stuff under her (and film it).  And we've done this for a while now, so we've collected a bunch of videos.  From cars to jet skis to old refrigerators, Amanda has rolled over everything we've placed in front of her.  

Most of the doomed subjects are just junk that doesn't work anymore.  Some of it comes from the office - old printers and that kind of thing.  Other stuff gets donated to us.  In fact, if you have an item you just need to see get crushed, email jeff@bulletproofdiesel.com and maybe we can make it happen!

Our four-camera setup gives views of the action from all angles.  We've had Diesel Power, Roadkill, and other guests come join the fun.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don't miss a single episode! 
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