Wednesday, May 23, 2018

H-CORE Technology Available for the First Time in 6.0L EGR Coolers!

If you haven't seen the video showing how our exclusive, patented H-CORE technology works, you might be surprised at how simple the concept is.  We all know stock EGR coolers have been problematic in a number of different engine platforms.  When we started looking at commercial applications, it became apparent that the OE design had to be completely abandoned to achieve reliability.

You may have seen our upgraded straight-tube replacement EGR coolers in 6.0L EGR coolers.  When we tested this design in larger EGR coolers (found within medium duty commercial trucks), it became apparent that heat expansion was going to be a problem.  Straight tubes at a certain length simply expand too much and cause internal rupture situations.

Our persistent leader here at Bullet Proof Diesel, Ken Neal, went back to the drawing board and a 'Eureka!' moment eventually came - rather than keeping the tubes straight, perhaps they could be braided, so much of the tube expansion could be directed laterally.  Well, to make a long story short, a machine had to be invented to braid the tubes, a lot of patent paperwork followed, but the idea worked well.  In lab tests, the force at the end of the tubes was 4x less when they were 'twisted'

We first used H-CORE EGR cooler internals for medium-duty trucks, but recently we decided to use the technology in the product that put us on the map: the square 2004-2007 6.0L EGR cooler.  It's just another improvement in our never-ending quest for ultimate reliability and dependability.  Check 'em out online by clicking on this sentence.

If you have one of our straight-tube BulletProof EGR coolers, don't worry.  We have and always will maintain a limited lifetime warranty on the part.  But in all probability, you'll never need to utilize the warranty, as the failure rate is far, far less than 1%.

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