Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We've Got Third Brake Light Antenna Mounts For All the Big Three!

Ram, Silverado, and Sierra Owners Can Join the Fun!
We've long produced the Third Brake Light Antenna Mount for Ford pickups.  After all, we started making them for aluminum-bodied trucks.  Obviously magnets won't work on aluminum, and most folks just don't like the idea of drilling into their truck body for an antenna mount.  

Our Ford offerings fit the following trucks: 
We were happy to hear that our customers liked the mounts, but we were surprised when they requested them for other trucks.  Steel-bodied trucks.  Trucks that can use magnetic mounts.  Well...magnetic mounts can mar the paint of a truck as it wobbles in the wind.  Additionally, it looks temporary - the antenna cable is usually routed in through a window when a magnetic mount is used.  People who regularly use radio communication, it turns out, don't really love those magnetic mounts.

Well, we're here to help!  We've expanded the Third Brake Light Antenna Mount line to include:
One of the best features of this product is the ease of installation.  Unscrew the brake light housing, unclip the power wire, put a couple of bolts in, reconnect the power wire, then screw in the antenna mount and brake light housing.   A few short minutes, and you'll be ready to roll.

Should we further expand our line and 
offer more applications for the Third Brake Light Antenna Mount?  Let us know!  Email us at customerservice@bulletproofdiesel.com

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